Pinewood Music is owned and operated by "Derifield" Scott Miller and Jim Wood. Both are multi-instrumentalists with years of experience in multiple genres. Between the two of them, they have also garnered a bevy of traditional music championships on fiddle, guitar, hammered dulcimer and mandolin, including state championships in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and Ohio. Their performance credits range from the Nashville Symphony to stars such as Vince Gill and Emmylou Harris. However, their passion is the grassroots acoustic music in which both were raised, and they both cultivate this living tradition by performing, recording, writing, and teaching.

Pinewood Music strives to provide listeners with excellence in musicianship, hi-fidelity recording techniques, and high-quality video production. Scott and Jim work closely with their art designer to provide eye catching artwork which encourages customers to give the music a try.

Pinewood Music is also innovative in their use of the iDitty platform. This provides customers a two for the price of one. They are purchasing a CD along with a digital copy they can listen to on their mobile device. What makes the use of iDitty different than the typical download card is that the music immediately appears on their device after scanning the QR code with the iDitty app. No need to download to a computer first like traditional download cards.

With the iDitty platform Pinewood Music is providing customers with more than just music. They are providing an interactive experience. By clicking on the icons of the app customers will find pictures, videos, links and behind the scenes footage. Their goal is to provide an overall experience that hasn't been possible before.

The philosophy of Pinewood Music is to put "specialty" back into the specialty and gift market. In the past it was not possible to buy these recordings in large retailers. They were found in State and National Park gift shops along with small business specialty stores. Pinewood Music believes that record labels have strayed from this traditional paradigm. Now shops have to compete with the music they sell being undersold on the internet by large on-line retailers, like Amazon, in order to help stores not miss a point of purchase sale. Their music is available through this website as well as digitally through the iDitty Marketplace. The price of any online sale will be the same as the suggested retail price found in stores.

We hope you will enjoy our music and interactive experience with each Pinewood Music recording.
— "Derifield" Scott Miller & Jim Wood